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How to configure your base station

If the handset is registered (here's how) with the base station and if you got the IP address of the base (here's how), then you can begin configuring the base.

Enter the IP address in your browser and type in the PIN code when asked (default: 0000).

Click on Settings.

Click on Telephony

Click on the Edit button to configure the first handset. For the second handset click on the second edit button.

  1. Authentication name : $USERNAME$_extension
  2. Authentication password: In this section you'll need the password of your extension (here's how to find it)
  3. Username: $USERNAME$_extension

  1. Domain: $USERNAME$
  2. Registration refresh time: 120 sec

Click on Advanced VoIP Settings.

  1. Transfer call by on-hook: Yes
  2. Find target address: Yes
  3. Hold on transfer target:
    • For attended transfer: check
    • For unattended transfer: check

  1. Click on Managment then on Local Settings
  2. Select the Country that you live in
  3. Select Germany as Tone scheme

Number assignment

You can register up to six handsets on your base.

Each registered device is assigned an internal number (1-6) and an internal name (INT 1-INT 6). You can change the number assignment and names.

If you register a seventh handset the last registered handset will be deregistered automatically.

Assign and receive connections to the registered handsets.

Please note:

  • During registration, each handset is automatically assigned the first configured VoIP connections as send connection ans all base connections as receive connections.
  • You can assign each handset either a fixed send connection or a line selection. With line selection, you choose the connection to be used for each call.

A few examples:

(IP1 and IP2 = identity / INT1 and INT2 = handset)

In this case when you make an outgoing call you'll make the call with the identity IP1.
INT1 and INT2 will ring simultaneously.

In this case when you make an outgoing call you'll make the call with the identity IP1.
For incoming calls only INT1 will ring.

Update the base

Click on Management then on Firmware Update.

  • Select the latest firmware (in this case it's the 42.199 version) and copy the firmware link
  • Paste the link in the Configuration file (URL) section
  • Click on Update Firmware

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26