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 +====== Api calleriddownload exchange ======
 +You can use our Caller-ID download feature to instruct the MIXpbx to download your shared contacts from Microsoft Exchange. You need a working OWA (Outlook Web Access) to make this feature worK and you need to make sure that "Form Based Authentication"​ (FBA) is disabled in Microsoft Exchange.
 +The next step is to construct the download URL which has the following format:
 +  * <​nowiki>​owa://​$USERNAME:​$PASSWORD@SERVER/​$PATH</​nowiki>​
 +    * $USERNAME: your username (it can be an e-mail address)
 +    * $PASSWORD: your password ​
 +    * $SERVER: the IP address of your exchange server ​
 +    * $PATH: something like public/​DOMAIN Contacts
 +Replace owa:// with owas:// to support secure connections.
 +You can test if the connection works by using the owaCheck command line tool on the MIXpbx. We suggest that you create a new user on your exchange server with limited access rights. ​
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