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Listing of the API functions available on the MIXpbx.

Page Description
Copy recorded calls Copy recorded calls This function can be used to move recorded calls from server to a local machine. The function establishes a connection to the given server with the username and password provided. The username and password are checked for authentication. On success, the function will return several results according to the action.
Api calleriddownload exchange Api calleriddownload exchange You can use our Caller-ID download feature to instruct the MIXpbx to download your shared contacts from Microsoft Exchange. You need a working OWA (Outlook Web Access) to make this feature worK and you need to make sure that
MIXpbx API general MIXpbx API general The API is installed on the HTTPS (443) and HTTP (80) port in the root folder. Ex: The return of the API is quite simple and it uses HTTP error codes. Most used return codes: * 200: Success * 403: Access denied * 404: Wrong parameter or parameter missing
Hangup a call Hangup a call This function can be used to hangup an ongoing call. Parameters * script: click2hangup.php * username: sip username * password: extensions password Return * 200: Call has been launched * 403: No or wrong login data
Launch a call Launch a call This function can be used to launch a call. Basically it connects 2 legs. The function establishes a call to the users' phone or to the source number. Once it has been connected the function tries to call the destination number. The function sets the correct SIP headers to flag the call as auto answer.
Poll presence Poll presence This function can be used to check the status of the different users/extensions. The function returns a JSON array with the following informations: * Call status (on the phone, not on the phone) * DND status * Call forward status
Roaming Login Roaming Login Login/Auth by username and password Parameters * script: roaming.php * action: statuslogin,statuslogout,login,logout * phone: the phone that you want to login/logout ($company_$extension) * username: the username that wants to login/logout ($company_$extension)
Api calleriddownload salesforce Api calleriddownload salesforce The MIXpbx has the ability to download your contacts from salesforce through a helper url. More information about the correct MIXpbx setup can be found here. $USERNAME/$PASSWORD$SECURITYTOKEN Salesforce requires a security token for the authentication. This token is generated by Salesforce itself and will be send to your e-mail address on your request.
Category:Api Category:Api Listing of the api functions available on the MIXpbx. Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory. A * Api calleriddownload Pages in category "Api" The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total. A * Api calleriddownload csv * Api launch a call *
External URL API External URL API The MIXpbx has the ability to call a web URL at every incoming call. The web URL can return several parameters which the MIXpbx uses to change the callerID. This feature can be used to connect the MIXpbx to your CRM or to trigger external actions.
Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26