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The concept behind the Mixpbx

The Mixpbx is a complete, fully featured PBX for small and medium enterprises. It combines the advantages of a hosted PBX (IP Centrex) and a standard in-house PBX. The configuration is managed and stored centrally but the MIXpbx offers the redundancy and fallback possibilities of an on-premise installed system. The Mixpbx works even if your Internet connection is down. A list of supported hardware is available here.

  • Total redundancy
    • The Mixpbx offers a fully redundant backup over ISDN (BRI) lines.
    • The Mixpbx works without Internet connection and without voip.
  • Easy configuration through a centralised webinterface
    • Configure and maintain your PBX no matter where you are.
    • Restore your Mixpbx within seconds with our centrally stored configuration.
    • Everyone can manage the Mixpbx without any type of PBX know-how.
  • Expandable and innovative
    • We add new innovative features every month. Stay up to date automatically.
    • Pay what you need. The Mixpbx grows with your company.
    • Do not pay for hardware when you do not need it. We have softphone and webphone solutions.
    • Interconnect different locations.
    • The Mixpbx can host multi companies.
    • Profit from very competitive call rates

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26