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The MIXpbx looks for filenames in the folder named directories. The filename does not really matter. Contacts found in the csv file(s) are appended to the internal global directory. To merge contacts with a different directory the filename has to follow the following pattern: directory_$nameOfDirectory.csv or directory_$nameOfDirectory_*.csv

CSV format

The first line in the CSV document is ignored and can be used as headers. We support 2 different modes for the CSV file. Either it contains structured data or non-structured data and we try to auto detect the content. The first line (header line) is responsible to define the mode.

Structured format

Header line

The first column has the name or main label of the contact. All other columns that start with #. define a number that should be callable. If the header does not start with #., then content is considered to be a descriptive tag.


“Header.Name”,“#.Extension”,“#.Mobile”,“Other”,“Country”,“Email”,“ZIP” “Pascal Knebler”,12,691333179,“IT Manager”,“Luxembourg”,“”,8042 “Didelot Loic”,11,691333180,“PBX Manager”,“Luxembourg”,“”8042 “Billing Department”,15,,,,

Un-structured format

Every value that is numeric and not in the first column is considered to be callable.


“Name”,“Extension”,“Mobile”,“Other”,“Country”,“Email” “Pascal Knebler”,12,691333179,“IT Manager”,“Luxembourg”,“” “Didelot Loic”,11,691333180,“PBX Manager”,“Luxembourg”,“” “Billing Department”,15,,,,
We recommend this feature for phone books that have 30.000 or less entries. If you have more entries we sugget you use our realtime api feature.

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26