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Launch a call

This function can be used to launch a call. Basically it connects 2 legs. The function establishes a call to the users' phone or to the source number. Once it has been connected the function tries to call the destination number. The function sets the correct SIP headers to flag the call as auto answer.


  • script: click2dial.php
  • username: sip username
  • password: extensions password
  • number: the number you want to call (encode '+' as '%2B')
  • source: an optional parameter to bridge the call between the source and number instead of the user and number
  • anonymous: set it to 1 to hide your callerid [optional]


  • 200: Call has been launched
  • 403: No or wrong login data
  • 404: No number provided
  • 500: General error


Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26