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Number routing rules

Number routing rules allows you to define the behavior of incoming calls at all times (unless there’s a time based routing configured, time based routing have higher priority).

Good to know

— Once you access the “Routing menu” you notice that you can define 2 types of routing:
External routing
External routing defines how the PBX handles calls coming form the outside (customers etc…).
Internal routing
The internal routing defines how internal calls are routed. Internal calls are calls emerging from a colleague connected on the same PBX. Most of the time there is no need to define an internal routing.

— The steps are limited to 6.

— The duration field that you will find in certain steps are the duration of ringing. After this time, the call will forward to the next step or ring busy if the call already reached the last step.

Routing options

The MIXpbx supports numerous routing options that can be set-up in our web interface

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26