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Time Based Routing Rules

By using the time based routing features of the MIXpbx you can change the call flow based on the time and day of the week. The configuration can be done through our web interface. Click on Time based routing in the extensions list.

The concept is the following. You define one or more day and time periods and then you define an extension where the call is forwarded to. All you need to do is adapt the routing options for the extension where the call is forwarded to. You could for example activate a mailbox on that extension. You can create an unlimited number of extensions and as such create complex nested call flows. If none of the defined rules matches the current time, the call will pass the number routing rules.


The check boxes on the upper left represent the days of the week on which the routing rule should be executed. Start time and End time represent the time intervals.

E.g. A routing rule like ‘Monday from 7pm until 8am’ will be active every Monday, starting 7pm and ending the following Tuesday at 8am. Here, the call is routed to the extension officehours which plays an announcement about the office opening hours.

On the screenshot below you see a standard case where we play the same announcement depending on which rule matches:

  1. Monday to Friday from 19pm to 8am (after work time)
  2. Monday to Friday from 12pm to 1.30pm (lunchtime)
  3. Saturday and Sunday all day long (week end)

And finally, we added a rule to play a special announcement on public holidays (the whole day, every year again):

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26