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What's needed

Internet connection The software 'PhonerLite' A microphone and a loudspeaker (or a headset) A provider who supports VoIP (


In this documentation I will show you how to use PhonerLite.

PhonerLite is a free VoIP client for Windows. With PhonerLite you can phone to other people by only using the internet.

How to setup PhonerLite

1. After you installed and launched PhonerLite, the first which should appear is this one:

2. Now click on the menu 'manual configuration' to setup your account. Remember that you need a SIP account. So the next window should be like this one:

Now you have to enter some Details:

  • Proxy/Registrar:
  • Realm/Domain:

3. In the next window you have to enter again some Details:

  • Phone number: $USERNAME
  • Authentication name: $USERNAME
  • Password: $PASSWORD

4. Now you can enter a Profile Name which will be shown in PhonerLite. If you are done with the settings you can click on the arrow to complete the configuration.

5. Now you can phone to other people by typing the number in 'Destination Number' and clicking on the green hearer.

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26