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Pindo presence on MIXpbx

The MIXPbx presence feature checks the online status of a user ( Logged in/out, in a conversation,…) To use this feature so that third parties can monitor your status, you must activate it on your Pindo app.Just login, browse to to and execute the next steps.

Choose “Extension” under MIXpbx. This will display the following screen.

Now you must entered in the field “Single number reachability” your mobile phone number. You can leave the “Ring delay” on “Disabled”.

During the next step, you must enter the number 0000 in your Pindo Application and press the “Call” button.

This will establish a “Callback” to your phone.

In order to complete the setup, all you have to do is accept the call and the feature will be activated.

In order to verify, please connect you to the “Dashboard” and place a test call. The colour status should change.

You can now check the online status of your co-workers via the colour status of the BLF=“Busy Lamp Field”. The feature can be personalised via the “Extension” field on the “Manage Phone Contacts” field.

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26