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The MIXpbx web interface is hosted on our secured servers. You can access it at This web interface is a centralized web application to manage the configuration of the MIXpbx.

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Fax to mail authentication Fax to mail authentication Here's how to send a mail to a fax machine. To be able to do this you have to define which domain is allowed to send a mail to a fax machine with the fax key. Simply type any e-mail from your company as long as it has the right domain name. For example :
Billing profile Billing profile In this section you fill in all the informations necessary for the billing (name, VAT number, company name, etc.). This details will appear in your Invoice. Your invoice is send to the e-mail address that is specified in the e-mail
Call details Call details Outgoing paying call Outgoing VoIP call (Mixvoip-MIXvoip=Free) Failed outgoing call Redirected call Missed call Outgoing FAX MIXpbx Hardware Voucher code Phone installation
Call live view Call live view In this section your are able to see the current calls and faxes that are transmitted with more details. Details like the status (which can be succeed, failed or hangup), when the call began (start), when it has been Answered and how many times a person tried to call / send a fax to the destination number.
invoices The Invoices section allows you to download a PDF file containing your spendings and all the informations you gave in the Billing profile section. The Number column displays your invoice number, which is a unique number. The Status
payments The Payment section allows you to track your bank transfers. In the Action column you have a View icon for each transaction made. When you clik on the icon, a sheet appears which contains the transaction details.
Phone numbers Phone numbers Here you can manage the routing (call forward) of your phone numbers by clicking on [Edit] Forward calls to a specific number In our case, a fix number can be any number (fix number or mobile number). Choose this option in your number routing rules and enter the destination number of the route of the call.
usermanagement web interface configure settings account user usermanagement incomplete
Number presentation and dialing rules Number presentation and dialing rules Caller Identification (CID) Caller Identification, is a telephone service, that transmits a caller's number and/or name to the called party's telephone equipment during the ringing signal, or when the call is being set up but before the call is answered. Basically this allows you to know who is calling you.
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