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Phone numbers

Here you can manage the routing (call forward) of your phone numbers by clicking on Edit

Forward calls to a specific number

In our case, a fix number can be any number (fix number or mobile number). Choose this option in your number routing rules and enter the destination number of the route of the call.

Cancel your forward / Return to the default configuration

By default, MIXvoip forwards the call to the user himself. If you have a phone or any other phone system configured to a MIXvoip account, the call is routed trough this system. To make this, select Ring one or more voip users and select your account.

Good to know

  • The steps are limited to 6.
  • The duration field that you will find in certain steps are the duration of ringing. After this time, the call will forward to the next step or ring busy if the call already reached the last step.


Here we route the call for 15 seconds (+- 3 rings) to our fixed telephone. If no one answers, the call will automatically be forwarded to a mobile phone.

Last modified: 30/12/2015 11:26